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Long-awaited 2.0.0-beta1 was just released!!!

Long-awaited 2.0.0-beta1 was just released!!!

Long-awaited 2.0.0 release that was scheduled on June 21st was released today in beta1.

You can download and try it out right now!! Just visit the Download page.

This release includes many-many enhancements so awaited by the library users. As a special bonus this release includes a Generic-STL library ( that provides basic containers and iterator classes which can be placed into the any memory which is exactly what many users where looking for.

Some of other enhancements are:

  • boost like shared_ptr and shared_array support by the library with capability to place them in any kind of memory, including shared memory.
  • boost like inrusive_ptr pointer class with the small extra intrusive_base class. Use intrusive_base class a base class for your intrusively counted classes and you will get all the required method implemented for you in addition to a bonus of shared_from_this() method.
  • boost like pool classes for extra fast allocations
  • small objects allocation and low fragmentation optimizations are now integrated into the memory-mgr library itself, in the low_fragmentation_manager class
  • optimized offset_ptr class which now words 10 times faster and not bound to the manager type, so it can store pointers to anywhere
  • improved named memory objects support. It now has internal reference counting, so it is no longer required to handle it by yourself.
  • enhanced new_/delete_ interface with embedded support for named objects.
  • got rid of the pointer_convert decorator, now memory_mgr works with the pointers instead of the offsets.
  • tons of the performance improvements and stability fixed contributed by different parties which made the library a production quality.


  1. This version is not 100% compatible with the previous one. Many types have been changed. The detailed instruction document will be released along with beta2.
  2. This release was tested on Windows platform only. Please wait for beta2 if you use other platform. Any help with migration to Netbeans is appreciated.
  3. Documentation and examples are not updated yet. They will be part of beta3.

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